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Need Cash Today is a short term lender based in New Zealand. We offer credit to New Zealand citizens and residents through our state of the art online system. Our loans range between $100 - $5000 over 2 - 170 days. We have built our system from the ground up so our customers get the best service possible. We only provide short term online loans. At Need Cash Today we do one thing and we do it well.
Use our online sliders to design your loan. You tell us how much you want, when you want to pay it back and we’ll tell you how much it will cost all up. It’s simple to use and you can easily see how much you owe and when you need to pay it.
Need Cash Today Makes It Clear.

To get the money to you as quickly as possible we have built our own lightning fast application and payment system. It only takes about 5 minutes to apply and once approved the cash will be in your account in 60 minutes guaranteed.
Need Cash Today Makes It Quick.

We pride ourselves on being a responsible lender, which is why there are no hidden costs, no small print and no nasty surprises. Our loans are simple to understand and simple to get. We offer between $100 - $5000 over 2 - 170 days to people who can afford to pay it back.
Need Cash Today Makes It Fair.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to help everyday Kiwis with temporary cash flow problems by offering short term credit. We aim to provide quick, clear and fair loans to ordinary New Zealanders.

While we realise that you want to get your loan as quickly as possible it is equally important that you understand the obligations and costs of your loan, which is why we have worked tirelessly to create the most transparent and efficient online loan system in the country. When you get a loan with Need Cash Today you know exactly what you are getting, we promise that there are no hidden costs, no small print and no nasty surprises. What you see is what you get. We are so confident in the speed of our system that we guarantee to have the money in your bank account within 60 minutes of approval.

We take our responsibility as a lender seriously and we want all of our customers to know what to expect when they use our service. The following principles should be considered as an aspect of that responsibility in conjunction with the relevant New Zealand laws and regulations.

Our Operating Principles

1. Flexible
  • We will never try to provide more credit than you have asked for or push you to take out another loan.
  • We will always let you decide how much money you wish to borrow and you select your next payday to pay it back within the 170 day maximum term.
  • We will only let you get a maximum of $500 for your first loan, we want to ensure you can easily pay your loan back in time.
  • We will decide your current and future credit limit based on our checks with your employer and any other means we believe necessary without infringing on your privacy.
  • We will stay true to our principles as a responsible lender and will always describe our service as clearly and fairly as possible and will never make any intentionally misleading claims.
2. Transparent
  • We will always ensure you are clearly shown the total cost of the repayment before you finish your application.
  • Our calculation will include all possible costs involved, except for any incurred through failure to repay on the scheduled date or dates.
  • We will also ensure you are shown the possible costs and consequences of late or non-payment.
3. Selective
  • We will always endeavour to find out whether our customers meet our criteria for lending and will use Credit Report Agencies and any publically available data to search out potential fraudulent activity.
  • We will inform you of our decision regarding your loan application as quickly as possible.
  • If your loan is declined we will provide you with as much information as we can about any reason why as well as advice on how you may get a loan in the future.
  • We understand that people's circumstances change and will always judge each application on the basis of its own merits and not on any previous failed applications.
4. Short Term
  • We will always encourage you to repay your loan as quickly as possible.
  • We will enable you to compare interest accrued at any stage during your loan with the total cost of the credit.
  • We will ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities, the amount you owe and the repayment date or dates during the term of your loan.
  • We will automatically collect your repayments using direct debit.
5. Fair
  • We will always ensure our customers understand the serious nature of credit and the consequences of late or non-payment.
  • We will treat you with respect and fairness if your circumstances change for the worse during the term of the loan.
  • We will only hire people who will work in the best interests of Need Cash Today and our customers and will uphold both the spirit and the word of this Code of Conduct.
  • We will only ever extend the term of your loan if you request us to or if required to keep repayments affordable after late or non-payment and the fees associated withi this, and only after careful consideration of the circumstances. If we do so we will ensure that you understand any and all new responsibilities.
  • We charge modest default fees of $23.00. This is intended to cover our costs and to discourage people from late or non-payment.
  • We will freeze the interest at the earliest possible point and will seek to work out a reasonable repayment plan with you if you are late on repayment due to hardship.
6. Responsive
  • We are easily contactable through our online account page, via email and phone.
  • We will address all reasonable complaints within 48 hours of receiving them, though if your complaint is complex or of a technical nature we reserve the right to spend more than this time exploring the problem.
  • We will consider any and all reasonable appeals against our findings with regard to your complaint.
  • We are a member of the Financial Service Complaints Authority and if you so wish you can make your complaint with them instead of us or if you feel we have not fairly reviewed and responded to your complaint.
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